What Other Services Do Red Lion Removals Offer?

You'll Have A Seamless Experience.

When you think of a removal company, you tend to imagine the movers show up, haul your belongings from one house to another, and then they leave.

However, some removal companies, like Red Lion Removals, offer so much more than just moving your boxed-up life from Point A to Point B.

Here at Red Lion Removals, we want you to ensure you have a seamless experience moving house. Each house removal is as unique as the home you’ve created, and because of this, different households need different services to have that seamless experience.

This is why we offer multiple services to guarantee that the day you walk through your new home is filled with happy memories instead of broken family China or a cracked television screen.

Here are five additional services Red Lion Removals offers.

Packing Service for Moving House

Packing up your home can feel tedious, especially while you’re balancing everything else in your daily routine. Not only can it feel like a daunting task, but many people are also nervous when it comes to packing up their breakable items such as family heirlooms, glassware, and picture frames. For some, packing up their televisions or computer monitors might cause them a lot of stress, as replacing them is costly.

This is why Red Lions Removals offers full-packing services.

Full-packing is an excellent service for those who don’t have the patience to organise their home or are nervous about handling fragile belongings.

Please sit back and relax while our fully-trained professional team packs up your home from inside the wardrobe to those awkwardly large pieces of furniture. You won’t have to worry about anything from linens and towels to washing machines and cookers. Our team will delicately secure all your breakable items in bubble wrap, ensure all your items are in sturdy packing materials and organise your house efficiently.

Packing Fragile and Awkward Items

On the other hand, some people love packing and organising their home, but they would rather have someone professionally handle more delicate items. After all, boxing up your record collection can be a fun walk down memory lane. But, some memories are too valuable to lose, like your great-nan's china.

This is why Red Lion Removals additionally offers part-packing services.

We will provide you with quality packing materials to pack up part of your home, but our professionally trained team will handle packing your fragile or awkward belongings such as large mirrors, televisions, or mattresses.

If you’re interested in either of our packing services, please let us know when you have your video survey or self-survey for your accurate quote.

Packing Materials for Moving House

Maybe the above doesn’t sound like a service you need, and you feel confident to pack up your entire house. However, you might be feeling unsure about the best packing materials to use when moving house.

Red Lion Removals can provide you with top quality materials to pack your belongings up securely. Quality packing materials include strong bubble wrap, firm cardboard boxes, and heavy-duty tape.

We can also advise you on how many boxes you will need, along with the best packing tips.

Pro tip: make sure you label all your boxes, so both you and the movers know what is in each box to ensure appropriate handling and that boxes are placed in the correct rooms of the new house.

Dismantling and Assembling Furniture

Fitting furniture in and out of doorways can be one of the more challenging tasks of moving house. This is why it is sometimes necessary to dismantle bigger pieces of furniture such as your sofa, tables, or bed frames. Once dismantled, we can get them out of one home and into another, where our team will reassemble them.

This might be difficult for some people, especially if you live alone, don’t have the proper equipment, or don’t have the time. This is why one of our additional moving house services is to dismantle your furniture in your old home and assemble it in your new home.

If you’re unsure that you will need to dismantle and assemble furniture, make sure to share the doorways, room sizes, and points of entry during your video or self-survey. Our team will be able to advise on you getting furniture in and out of the houses.

Storage Whilst Moving House

Are you possibly moving abroad? How about a three-week gap from the sale of your old house to the new one? Maybe you’re moving into a home with a partner, and you cannot bring double the furniture. Sometimes moving house isn’t as simple as getting from Point A to Point B, and sometimes you need your things to be put into storage for a few weeks or a few months.

If you need to store your belongings, our team will make the arrangements to store them for you. We’ll even call you once they are safely locked up in the storage unit.

Packing your home up for storage is very similar to packing up your home for a new house. If you’re unsure how to pack your home for storage, check out our moving home guide.

Book Your Additional Services When You Move House

Moving house should be an exciting time for you and your household. It is a fresh start in a new place to call home.

Red Lion Removals offers several services to help make that fresh start as smooth as possible.

When you book your video survey or self-survey, make sure to include that you would be interested in our full-packing or part-packing. If you are unsure if you will need packing materials or need to dismantle furniture, we recommend asking one of our team members before your removal date to ensure a fast and efficient moving house experience.

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