House Removal Company -
'10 Things You Should Consider before Choosing'

The time has come to pack up the place you’ve called home for many years and to plant your roots in your new home. It’s an exciting time for you, and you want this experience to be filled with happy memories, especially when it comes to the company you choose for your house removal. Whether your move is on the other side of Cardiff city centre or the other side of the country, you’ll need to find a trustworthy local house removal company.

When trying to decide which house removal company to use you can read reviews, ask friends and family who they have used, or go straight to the source to ask different local house removal companies questions about their services.

Here are ten things to consider and ask when looking for a trustworthy and reliable local house removal company.

1. When Will They Conduct a Home Removals Survey?

When you first call a local house removal company, you’ll want to ensure they will conduct a survey. When you’ve rung them or searched on the website, find out when they do a home removals survey.

It’s essential to have a survey done as it will provide you with an accurate quote, and it will allow the removals team to assess the house properly. Everyone will know exactly what work needs to be completed and how long it will take. You shouldn’t be charged for this visit, and some are now even virtual. Red Lions Removal offers either video surveys or self surveys.

During the survey, the local house removals company will ask you several questions about how many items will be moved, if there are stairs at either property or if any furniture will need to be assembled.

This will also be the time you need to ask some of the questions we’ve listed below.

2. Do They Have Valid Insurance?

The first and possibly the most crucial question to ask is whether the particular local house removal company you’re meeting with has insurance and what type of insurance it is.

Since the removals team will be handling expensive electronics, irreplaceable family heirlooms, and other prized possession, it’s crucial that you know what their insurance does and doesn’t cover.

You might need to cover some of your possessions separately, and it will be important to ask for a copy of their insurance policy. Very rarely local house removal companies say no to this request, and if they do, then you know they’re not the right fit for your house removal.

3. Are Their Staff Regularly Trained?

Another question to ask ahead of your house removal is if their staff are trained and how often.

Local house removal companies should regularly train their staff to ensure their team is updated with the latest removal techniques, technology, and equipment.

4. Do They Offer Other Services?

Like Red Lion Removals, some house removal companies will offer other services such as full packing or part packing services.

While many people opt to pack their own house, it can be incredibly tedious or stressful for others. By having your local house removal company pack for you, you’re assured you’ve minimised the risk of damage.

Knowing if you plan to pack your own items, need assistance, or need materials will help the team give you the most accurate quote and ensure all your items are ready to be moved on the big day.

5. When Do You Pay the Removal Company?

Knowing when and how you will be paying your local house removal company is essential for both parties. What type of payments methods do they accept? Do they want you to pay in advance, the day of, or with a deposit?

It is industry standard that your local house removal company will ask for the payment in full in advance, typically with seven days waiting time before your move. So, don’t be surprised if this is similar to what your local house removal company asks from you.

6. Do They Charge for Waiting Time?

During your survey, you’ll want to triple check all costs and fees to ensure you’re prepared with the correct amount.

One additional fee comes in the form of waiting times, and it can be as much as £50 per hour. There can sometimes be unexpected delays and hold-ups on moving day, so it’s essential to consider how this could affect the total price the local house removal company charges you.

7. What Size Vehicles Do They Use?

You might not have much large furniture if you’ve lived in a fully or partially furnished property. However, they might need to move several beds, a sofa or two, and their white goods for some families.

It will be vital for you to know what sized van they use, as a small van needing to pack a fully furnished 3-bed house will take multiple trips and result in a higher price. Most companies will have a few different sized vans, but you should determine which sized van and how many trips will be for your house removal during the survey.

8. What Are Their Contact Details?

On moving day, there can sometimes be delays, so it will be essential to have quick access to their landline, address, and other points of contracts in case you have any troubles or delays.

9. What is Their Cancellation Policy?

When you’re selling and purchasing a home, many different reasons can delay your move-in date or force you to back out of the sale entirely.

Knowing the local house removal company’s policy is essential to protect yourself from cancellation fees. This is typically stated in their Terms and Conditions, but it will always be a good thing to ask during your survey so you can be fully prepared no matter what the outcome.

10. What Happens if it Rains on the day?

We all know the UK gives us a run for our money regarding the rain on important days. While you might think the rain will affect your move, most local house removal companies have equipment that allows them to move your house safely in the rain, all while protecting your belongings from heavy rainfall.

Looking for A Trustworthy Local House Removal Company?

Red Lions Removals will be happy to answer all these questions and more. If you’re looking to move house in Cardiff or throughout the country, give us a call today at 02920 755 862 or book a free quote.